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Heavy-Duty Vehicle Inspection Program

Regulated by: California Air Resources Board
Applicability: Heavy-duty diesel-powered vehicles 14,000 lbs. GVWR or greater 6,000 lbs. GVWR or greater for 1998 and older
Frequency: Annually (on or before December 31 of each year)

What is it?
The California Air Resources Board (ARB) is testing heavy-duty trucks and buses (gross vehicle weight rating over 6,000 lbs) for excessive smoke and tampering. Any heavy-duty vehicle operating in California, including vehicles registered in other states and foreign countries may be tested.

How can FleetCrew help?
FleetCrew is a certified CA dealer capable of conducting the snap acceleration opacity test following the SAE guidelines using a declared opacity meter. We will conduct the opacity test and review next steps for how to bring your vehicle to compliance. All vehicles that do not pass the test must be repaired and tested.

Penalties for non-compliance:
CARB conducts random audits at California fleet owners' sites or road side set-ups. An audit will require 2 past years of smoke test records. The penalty for non-compliance is $500 per truck per year the records are missing. Below is a video of an actual CARB compliance inspection.

See video of actual inspection

What are the allowable levels of smoke opacity?
All 1991 or newer engines must not exceed 40% smoke opacity
All pre-1991 engines must not exceed 55% smoke opacity

Recordkeeping Requirements
For each vehicle, records of the initial opacity test, repair information, post-repair opacity results, and meter calibration must be maintained for at least two years (specifically, the two most recent consecutive years).

FleetCrew's criteria for acceptable opacity limits
In addition, FleetCrew’s criteria for acceptable opacity limits on a potential retrofit candidate vehicle are; 15% for EGR engines and 20% for all other engines. FleetCrew accepts these test result printouts as proof of compliance to our opacity standard. The FleetCrew standard refers to a well maintained engine ready to have a PM diesel particulate filter installed.

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