Emission Compliance Planning

FleetCrew offers consultations at no cost to help fleet owners with their CARB compliance. Our emission consultants specialize in providing professional guidance to get your fleet up to speed with California regulations. Emissions regulations are quite complex, and your business may be affected by more than one regulation.

Our experienced emission consultants will walk you step-by-step to help:
  • Gather a complete fleet inventory list
  • Determine which regulations apply to your business
  • Review your fleet’s turnover and equipment life cycle
  • Determine your fleet’s specific compliance requirements
Upon performing a thorough evaluation of the above, a FleetCrew Emission Consultant can work with you to develop the most cost effective strategy that best fits your business, while optimizing your cash flow and extending asset life.

Compliance Assistance

  • TRUCRS: Truck Regulations Upload, Compliance and Reporting System
  • DOORS: Diesel Off-Road Online Reporting System
  • LSI: Large Spark-Ignition
  • PERP: Portable Equipment Registration Program
  • ACTM: Airborne Toxic Control Measure